Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The great adventure of generosity

I once was invited around for Sunday lunch at someone's house. A gorgeous and generous mountain of food, I thought I could hear the table groan under the weight of the enormous bowls and pots and pans.

As we ate the food, we each said thank you for one thing we were grateful for.  It became known as the 'Rylett grace', in honour of the lovely people who introduced this way of giving thanks.  I struggled to think of something to be grateful for that day.  It was Father's day - and it was the first - without my dad.  I did not feel like I had an awful lot to be thankful for. 

Being thankful - I think I'm about to discover, has something to do with attitude.  There are lots of reasons why I want to do the 40Acts - but as the first act is to make a thankful list - I get the impression this is going to be good for me. 

So here's my list of things I'm thankful for today.

1. For 1 awesome colleague who solved my problems before they started
2. For the fragrance of the scented candle still in the air
3. For a long weekend coming up and time with family in Wales
4. For my niece's show-stopping self written novel and general creative genius
5. For wifi which is behaving itself more than normal

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