Sunday, 1 January 2012

Green is in

So far, 2012 is off to a good start with a New Years day lunch with lovely friends, an awesome bike ride in the rain, and only one escapee price tag on display for the majority of the day. Excellent.  I hope the trend continues.

And so in the dying embers of this momentous day, I'm trying to fit in a review of the year just past, of  challenges faced and lessons learned.  And being slightly envious already of friends who have thought up genius resolutions for the year - both clever - and fun.  Realistically, there's not enough time for all that; even armed with an archive of periodicals, it would be hard to do justice to all the world's events.  Some will undoutedly haved impacted us more than others.  Here's a little Google-glimpse.

Next - the duty of the resolution.  No other word in the English language pains me so much.  I may literally drag my feet into the next month before I make up my mind on anything.  However, I have decided that green is good.  Buying less is more. The year of the triathalon might finally be here. Photography, literature and cracking a sudoku in under 10 minutes - whilst all worthwhile, must recognise their less significant place in 2012. Maybe this year should begin with bended knee - if 2012 is to bring a tide of change to our cities, to our world economies to help the global poor; our international relations to help the refugee.  We should start with prayer. That's a good resolution to start with.