Thursday, 16 December 2010

Give generously

My family have made the highly undemocratic decision this year, not to give christmas presents. Which, if I'm honest, didn't go down terribly well for someone who still exhibits occasional displays of youngest child syndrome. I was silently outraged by the decision making powers and lack of consultation of older siblings.

I remember being equally upset about the lack of commercial exploitation of Easter in the chocolatiers of Lyon. I was so sad at this terrible event, it threatened to upset the entire year abroad experience. Something had to be done.

My disappointment sparked a letter writing campaign to friends back in the UK, subtlely pondering how I would ever appreciate the marvels of Easter sunday, the victory of the cross, without the visual... nay, gastromical aid of a few easter eggs.

Over the next few weeks, packets of mini eggs started to arrive in my little post box. Each and every one consumed with genuine appreciation and the occasional philisophical thought. Grace. How marvellous.

At Christmas, we are bombarded with 24-7 ads telling us what we need, unwanted presents, and threats of grievous bodily harm in multi storey carparks. There has to be more than this. I choose to believe, that Christmas is about remembering a lavish gift from a loving Father. And maybe, there's a chance that joy from receiving that unquantifiable, priceless gift can be experienced without maxing out my credit card. This article made me think that might just be possible. Give it away.

Giving is a blessing to others. Give generously then, out of whatever you have. Because if you don't give out of the little that you have, how will you give when you have plenty.
2 Corinthians 9:7-9